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Can I pay the ambulance fee and ask to be transferred to a designated hospital?

1. No.
2. The ambulance service of the Fire Department is to provide emergency ambulance service for emergency patients. The ambulance fee is to discourage the public from abusing the ambulance service of the Fire Department and to protect the rights of people who really need emergency medical treatment, so that the limited resources can be used in the most effective planning.
3. If the use of ambulances does not meet the principle of emergency medical treatment, even if the public is willing to pay, they are still requested to use other means of transportation first.
(a) Rehab Bus: 02-2727-4168 to ext. 8532 (General Transportation Division, Public Transportation Department), 1999 to ext. 6966~6968 (Elderly Welfare Division, Social Welfare Bureau), 02-2537-1099 (Taipei City Long-Term Care Management Center), or the online reservation system for citizens (https://0809080650.gov. taipei/)
(2) Information on transportation for the elderly with moderate to severe disabilities (unsupported service).
Ltd.: 0800-010908, 02-8792-7758.
2. Fulun Transportation Co., Ltd: 0800-616978, 412-8789.
Ltd.: (02)2599-7667.
Ltd.: (02)2721-5998.
5. Taiwan Taxi Academy Association: (02)2912-0299.
6. Chu San Industrial Co., Ltd: (02)2966-1009.
7. Ching Shan Transportation Co., Ltd: (02)2745-7715, 0961-329-999, 0970-508-999.
8. Sanheli Taxi Passenger Service Co.
9. Northern Taiwan Barrier-Free Transportation Industry Union: (02)7751-5349.
10. Tai-Ying Changchao Service Co., Ltd: (02)8502-3736.
11. Great China International Leasing Co., Ltd: (02)2652-2662, 0913-239685.
12. Asia Jet Auto Leasing Co., Ltd: (02)2882-2277.
13. Changle Enterprise Co., Ltd: (02)2523-8456.

 14. Jisheng Transportation Co., Ltd.: 02-2828-0333.
 15. Yixiang Transportation Co., Ltd.: 02-2312-0985.
 16. Taiwan Lekang Association: 02-77230088.
 17. Dafeng International Leasing Co., Ltd.: 02-2246-8999.
 18. The Republic of China Love Unbounded Long-Term Care Industry Development Association: 02-25681379.
 19. Taiwan Healthy Drivers LOHAS Learning and Care Association: 02-2686-3006.
 20. Good Dad Barrier-Free Ladder Transfer Co., Ltd.: 28957559, 0911-449503.
 21. Taiwan Xiangfu Silver Hair Association: 02-6613-1419
 22. Anxin Transportation Co., Ltd.: 0989556874. 
(All reservations must be made more than 1 day in advance)
(c) Please refer to the website of the Fire Services Bureau for the hours of use of ambulances and the charging system.
Path:Home> Business Service> Emergency Ambulance> Ambulance Service Hours and Charging System
(d) The "Rehabus" service is as follows (please refer to the link below):
Link: Taipei City Public Transportation Office https://www.pto.gov.taipei/
Path:Home> Mini Rehab Bus> Service
 (3) For the timing and charging system of ambulances, please refer to the website of the Fire Department:
 Path: Home> Business Services> Emergency Ambulance> Ambulance Use Timing and Charging System
 (4) The service modes of "Rehabus" are as follows (please refer to the link below):
 Link: Taipei Public Transportation Office https://www.pto.gov.taipei/
 Route:Home>Barrier-Free Ride and Caring Taxi for the Elderly> Small Rehabus>Service Method