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Taipei City Fire Department was upgraded from “Fire and Police District Headquarter” under Taipei City Police Department on July 10, 1995, and became the country’s first level-1 fire authority established by a local government, the department initially had 1,638 employees who belonged to 5 divisions (Fire Safety Control, Disaster Prevention, Disaster & Rescue, Fire Investigation and Logistics), 2 centers (Training and Emergency Dispatch), 4 offices (Administrative Services, Personnel, Accounting and Government Ethics) and 3 district headquarters that oversaw 9 fire battalions and 41 fire stations. Afterward, the department had reorganized twice to tackle the transformation and reforms of fire safety policy.
The first reorganization took place in 2004, according to the amended Disaster Prevention and Protection Act and the Organization Act of National Fire Agency, and the aim to improve efficiency and to specify the distinction of responsibilities, the Disaster Prevention Division and Safety Management Division were renamed as “Fire Prevention Division” and “Disaster Management Division” respectively; Besides, the city government established the Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) Division, the Inspector's Office, the 4th District HQ, and 1 additional Battalion for each of the City’s 12 administrative districts, bringing the number of department employees to 1,761.
Then in 2011, in line with the amended Self-government Ordinance of Taipei Municipal Government, Taipei City’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) merged with the fire department, and 3 divisions: Disaster Prevention and Planning, Resources and Response, and Information Systems, were added to tackle the affairs in EOC, while the Disaster Management Division was removed and the Logistics Division was renamed as “Comprehensive Planning Division”, the accountabilities and responsibilities were adjusted accordingly. After the reorganization, the fire department consisted of 8 divisions, 5 offices, 2 centers, 4 district headquarters, 12 battalions, 45 stations, and a total of 2063 personnel.
On top of the three major missions stipulated in the Fire Services Act: fire prevention, disaster relief and emergency rescue, the fire department provides citizen-friendly services such as taking care of bee and snake attacks. Since the Disaster Prevention and Protection Act was promulgated in the year of 2000, the department has served as an advisor to the city government for disaster-related issues. With extensive experience in disaster prevention and rescue, the department is committed to creating a safe, disaster-proof Taipei City with integrated resources and year-round protection.