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Taipei City Fire Department



In light of the close connection between social security and the quality of people's lifestyle, the Taipei City Government has prioritized public security as a key administrative concern. Other than maintaining public security, a smooth traveling space, enhancing fire safety, the high quality of labor and construction, the Taipei City Government also works to fulfill the vision of “Administrative Diligence, Peace of Mind for the Public,” working consistently to perfect and improve its administrative service quality, in hopes of creating a more peaceful and safer living space, making Taipei a city that ensures the utmost safety and protection for its citizens.

Social Security

Fire Safety, Disaster Prevention and Rescue

In hopes of creating a safer Taipei City, the Taipei City Government continues to strengthen its fire control safety mechanisms, conduct a wide array of disaster prevention awareness campaigns, and build a more robust disasterresponse network to upgrade the Taipei City's emergency rescue relief efforts, and refine its emergency first-aid skills and efficiency.

1. Reorganizing Fire Control Agencies

The reorganization of the Taipei City Fire Department went into effect on July 31, 2011 with the addition of 302 new staff members. Missions undertaken by the Taipei Disaster Prevention Center were incorporated to bolster “the Disaster Management Division” at the Taipei City Fire Department with 3 new business units: the Disaster Prevention and Planning Division, Resources and Response Division, and the Information Systems Division. The moves were aimed at ameliorating disaster prevention and rescue efforts. “The Logistics Division” was rechristened, “the General Planning Division.”

2. Fire Injury and Casualty Statistics

In 2011, 177 fire disasters broke out in Taipei City, resulting in 1 death and 15 injuries. Compared with statistics tallied from 2010, the number of fires dropped by 59 cases, the number of deaths was down by 3, and the number of casualties rose by 2.

3. Fire Safety

(1) Founding “the Joint Public Safety Inspection Task Force of Taipei City”

Taipei City Fire Department, the Police Department, the Construction Management Office and the Office of Commerce of the Taipei City Government formed “the Joint Public Safety Inspection Task Force.” Beginning May 1, 2011, random, spot checks would be conducted on the public safety facilities in business establishments.

Notices to alert the public of failed inspection items – such as “Fire control” or “Building safety” would be posted at the establishments. In total, 690 establishments were spot-checked between May and December.

(2) Fire Prevention Measures Celebrating New Milestones

The“Taipei Fire Prevention Autonomous Legislation” was passed on the floor of the Taipei City Council after the third reading on May 11, 2011. The new legislation stipulates clearly that the lighting and sound systems installed in KTVs, pubs and night clubs should be designed to function as emergency lighting or PA systems in the event of a crisis, and to fortify evacuation and emergency exiting at these establishments.

(3) Fire Safety Equipment Management in Public Places

In Taipei City, 24,336 buildings are registered for public use, and 24,294 are categorized as public facilities. In 2011, 53,190 inspections/ re-inspections were conducted, and 44,298 were found compliant with inspection criteria, registering a passing rate of 83.28%. 8,262 buildings failed the inspections and were watchlisted for re-inspection until improvements were made in full.

(4) Hazardous Material Management

In 2011, 785 locations in Taipei City were watch-listed for housing hazardous (including 146 gas companies, 3 subassembly factories for liquefied petroleum gas material, 4 natural gas storage tanks, 299 publicly hazardous material storages, and 333 other sites). 4,145 inspections were conducted: among which, 4,068 met established criteria, and 77 failed the inspections.

(5) Implementing the Fire Safety Management System

The Taipei City Government has designated Fire Safety Managers for a total of 5,115 watchlisted places. In 2011, Fire-Safety Managers were assigned to 5,093 places, for which a fire protection plan had been completed. Also, 11,292 of the watch-listed places launched self-defense firefighting training programs under the supervision of relevant agencies. Additionally, certification criteria were conducted for self-defense firefighting drills; the drills were administered in 181 multiple-use, high-rise buildings, 268 nursing homes for the elderly and social welfare agencies for the disabled, and 71 large public spaces. 549 of these were compliant with the regulations, and none failed the inspection.

(6) Hosting “the 2011 Taipei International Symposium on Fire Safety Technology”

In exploring issues confronting the renovation and reuse of decrepit buildings in Taipei City and their safety maintenance and management, the Taipei City Fire Department hosted “the 2011 Taipei International Symposium on Fire Safety Technology” at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on October 14, 2011.

The symposium was graced by academicians and experts in the field from the United States, Japan and here in Taiwan, plus representatives from government agencies, to share experiences and input on their fire control studies in hopes of finding new inspiration for more robust fire safety programs and measures.

(7) Renovations on Firefighting Buildings and Structures

In hopes of improving the workplace of hardworking firefighters and their work efficiency, the Taipei City Fire Department completed renovations on the following firefighting structures successively throughout 2011: Longshan, Muzha, Xinyi, Neihu, Donghu, Jiancheng, Tianmu, Baoqiao, Anho and Jianguo Squads. The women's preparation and logistics quarters in Anho and Minquan Squads also received a facelift.

4. Disaster Prevention and Rescue

Table 1: Emergency Operations Center in 2011 in Taipei City

Table 1: Emergency Operations Center in 2011 in Taipei City

(1) Disaster Prevention Campaigns Fire Safety Specialists

Fire safety specialists provide free fire safety inspections to residents throughout the year; they offer pragmatic advice on fire-prevention for better fire prevention measures. In 2011, visits were paid to 30,087 households and 77,579 residents.

1. Disaster Prevention Campaigns on January 15, 2011, a “Centennial Fire Safety Campaign for Taipei, Residential Smoke Detectors as Your Trusted Guard” was held at the plaza in the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place to heighten fire safety awareness for the upcoming Fire Safety Day on January 19. The theme of the campaign was “the promotion of residential smoke detector installations (residential fire alarms) and “Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention.” During the event, it was decided that January 19 be designated as the “Residential Smoke Detectors Testing Day” so as to remind residents to conduct the following on their residential smoke detectors: “press the test button, clean the grime away, check its sturdiness, and replace the batteries regularly.”

2. Between February 25 and March 11, 2011, the Taipei City Government joined hands with Ronald McDonald House Charities to host “the Taiwan Centennial Disaster Prevention Passport for Kids.” 2,000 limited-edition disaster prevention passports were jointly distributed to heighten disaster prevention and build up disaster response capabilities .

3. On May 21, 2011, a “Pep Rally for the Disaster Prevention Campaign” was hosted in the plaza by the tourist service center at the Taipei Water Park. The campaigns focused on “the Emergency Response Bag,” “Temporary Emergency Shelter,” “Disaster Prevention Map,” and “1991 Safety Bulletin Board.”

4. In July, 2011, a fire prevention education event, “the fire control camp for youngsters and youths,” was held, targeting primary schoolchildren and kindergarten kids over 6 years of age in Taipei City. 12 camps were held with 1,200 kids participating.

5. From August 16 to 19, 2011, four “You go! We go! Brothers and Sisters Join the Fun – Firefighting Experience Camps” were held, with 200 high school and vocational school students participating.

6. On September 17, 2011, “the 2011 Taipei City 921 Disaster Prevention Campaign and Training Series” kicked off to raise awareness of disaster prevention education.

(2) Continued Promotion of Disaster Prevention and Protection Project of Taipei City

The “Disaster Prevention and Protection Project of Taipei City ” targets the 12 administrative districts to investigate areas prone to disasters (including floods, hillside disasters and earthquakes). To that end, short-, mid- and long-term improvement measures and policies were proposed to address the trouble spots. At present, typhoon and flood prevention maps have been completed for Zhongshan, Xinyi, Wenshan, Neihu, Nangang, Beitou and Wanghua (including various boroughs), and an earthquake prevention map is in place for Zhongshan District.

Additionally, 6 demonstrative boroughs in Taipei City's 6 demonstrative areas have been selected to promote community-based disaster prevention programs. On October 8, 2011, “the 2011 Disaster Prevention and Protection Project of Taipei City Achievement Exhibition” was staged on October 8, 2011 at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

(3) Major Disaster Prevention and Rescue Drills and Fire Rescue Exercises

1. To fortify the disaster response capabilities of various agencies of different levels under the Taipei City Government, the “National Defense Mobilization Drill (Wanan No. 34) and Complex Disaster Prevention and Rescue Drill” were expanded in scale on May 6, 2011, integrating the National Guard, the police force, the fire department, various agencies under the Taipei City Government and disaster rescue units in the private sector to conduct an actual exercise. This particular exercise was given an outstanding second-place rating by the Executive Yuan.

2. On September 17, “the emergency earthquake rescue drill” and “simulated exercises at disaster sheltering parks” of “the 2011 Taipei City 921 Disaster Prevention Campaign and Training Series” were held at the Xinsheng- Jianguo Pumping Station and Rongxing Park.

3. In preparation for the Taipei World Design Expo 2011, fire rescue drills were held at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Building (Hall 1), and the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on September 9, 11, and 15.

The rescue team flies to Tokyo for Comprehensive Disaster Training and Maneuvers.

The rescue team flies to Tokyo for Comprehensive Disaster Training and Maneuvers.

(4) Taipei City Urban Search and Rescue Team

1. Disaster Relief in Japan
On March 11, the Great East Japan Earthquake triggered powerful tsunamis; the destruction led to numerous deaths and injuries. 7 members of the Taipei City Urban Search and Rescue Team joined hands with rescue units from the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, the New Taipei City and Tainan City to form a 28-member rescue team and flew to Japan for disaster relief efforts. On March 14, the team brought life-sign detectors, fiber-optic imaging sensors and other rescue equipment, plus first-aid support, satellite communication and logistics paraphernalia to Japan to use in the rescue effort. The team completed their mission and returned to the country on March 19.

2. Invitation to Participate in International Rescue Maneuvers
The professional competence of the Taipei City Urban Search and Rescue Team won critical acclaim and recognition by experts in Japan. For 5 years in a row since 2007, the team was once again invited to partake in the “2011 Comprehensive Disaster Training and Maneuvers” in Tokyo.

3. Improving Service Efficiency of Search and Rescue Dog Team at Disaster Sites
From September 26 to October 4, 2011, the Search and Rescue Dog Team attended the 2011 National Disaster Rescue Dog Evaluation Workshop at the Search and Rescue Dog Center instituted by the Kaohsiung City Government. Pasha, a locally-bred rescue dog groomed in Taipei City, successfully passed the A-Level (entry-level) Test of the International Rescue-Dog Organization (IRO). At present, a total of 3 search and rescue dogs on the team have passed the B-Level (Advanced) Test, and 1 has passed the A-Level (entry-level) test.