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Service Items 

* Fire Rescue 

* Disaster Prevention 

* First aid for ill or injured victim 

Emergency 119 
In case an emergency, please dial 119.

* Fire  

* Explosion 

* Injury 

* Rescue 

* Natural Disaster  

The Emergency Dispatch Center and the Intelligent Computer Aided Disaptch System


Fire Safety Museum 


Fire Safety Museum

In order to educate the citizens of Taiwan on disaster preparedness, the Taipei City Fire Department founded the Fire Safety Museum on July 10 1995. 

The Taipei City Fire Department spent three years planning and constructing the first Fire Safety Museum in Taiwan. 

The Training Center has been divided into various training and simulation areas to better?educate visitors. Utilizing the most advanced and entertaining methods (computers and simulators), the Training Center helps visitors understand disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods and fires thoroughly and learn about?proper actions to take during?catastrophic events. 

It is our hope that through the experience you obtained?here, will be better and better?prepared?for disasters. 

We also hope that you will share?the knowledge you?acquired here?with your family and friends.

Museum Opening Hours: 

Tuesday ~ Sunday 9 AM~noon and 2 PM~5PM.

Closed on every Monday and?Chinese New Year's Eve Day

notice will be posted at the entrance prior to any unspecified closures.  


N o.376, Sec.2 Chenggong Rd. Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C 

Web Site:



(02) 2791-9786

(02) 2791-9780 


(02) 2791-9546

No.376, Sec.2 Chenggong Rd. Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C

Reservation for a Tour:

1.  By telephone, fax, mail or online. [Link]

2.  Please make reservation at least three days in advance.

3.  Each group must have at least 15 visitors or more.

4.  If two groups request?for the?same date and time, the first group to apply will be given priority.