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Taipei City Fire Department


Disaster Prevention in the Community

[Iron Railings on doors and windows are like cages, obstructing the escape route in time of fire]

1. Why is it that a small fire can result in high casualties?

a. Balconies and windows are installed with iron railings, and are oftentimes piled with things, which easily create a path for flame during fire.

b. The interior partition is modified without approval, damaging the structure for fire prevention.

c. The interior is renovated with wood or other combustible materials.

d. There is only 1 escape staircase.

e. During a fire, the flame spread rate, high temperature and toxic smoke generated cause difficulty in escaping and hamper firefighters from rescuing.

f. Residents lack fire prevention vigilance and fire response capabilities.

g. It involves a mixed-population and a lack of proper management.

h. There is no fire safety equipment.

2. Fire safety is everyone’s business

a. For interior renovation, use non-combustible materials (such as concrete, bricks or fiberglass) or flame resistant materials (such as gypsum wallboard, fire retardant plywood or fire retardant fiberboard).

b. Pay attention to fire safety in the living environment.

c. Balconies and windows should not have iron railings installed.

d. Have more than two escape routes in different directions.

e. Have your own fire extinguisher and be familiar with its usage method.

f. Emergency exit should not be locked.

g. Have your own self escape equipment (such as soft ladder, rope, escape slide, descending device, etc.)