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Taipei City Fire Department


NO.TitlePublish Date
21With regard to the periodic fire safety inspection of high-rise residential buildings, can we apply to the Fire City Department for the inspection?2013-01-24
22Information about the home fire alarm subsidy for low income households and solitary elderly residents2013-01-24
23Information about subsidy for moving or replacing water heater2013-01-24
24Is it permissible to start a fire or release lanterns on a field?2013-01-24
25How can I find out the causes of fire in my house (or car)?2013-01-24
26What are the proper ways of using electrical appliances to prevent accidents from happening?2013-01-24
27What are the things to note for disaster prevention when using incandescent ligt bulbs?2013-01-24
28How frequently should the wires at home be inspected? Who to contact for inspection? How to inspect?2013-01-24
29How to deal with an exploded transformer or an electrical wire that falls on to the ground?2013-01-24
30What are the things to note before using gas? What are the measures to take when the gas pipeline leaks?2013-01-24
31What are the things to note when purchasing liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) tanks?2013-01-24
32What if the inspection date on the gas tank of the gas merchant has expired?2013-01-24
33How to report a case of suspicion of the gas merchant overstocking?2013-01-24
34How to report a case where a gas merchant illegally parks trucks loaded with gas cylinders, which causes danger to the public?2013-01-24
35How to resolve the “tank deposit” refund issue which occurs prior to signing the “Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supply Adhesion Contract”?2013-01-24
36Where to put the steel cylinder (gas cylinder) and what are the essential things to check?2013-01-24
37What to do if the gas pipeline is damaged due to carelessness in sewage pipeline work?2013-01-24
38How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?2013-01-24
39What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?2013-01-24
40How to deal with carbon monoxide poisoning?2013-01-24