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Taipei City Fire Department


NO.TitlePublish Date
61What are the qualifications for joining the Phoenix Volunteer Group?2013-01-24
62Is an ambulance run chargeable?2013-01-24
63Can I pay the ambulance fee and ask to be transferred to a designated hospital?2013-01-24
64Is there any CPR or AED training provided?2013-01-24
65How to use AED?2013-01-24
66What are the qualifications for joining the Volunteer Firefighters?2013-01-24
67What is the age limit for volunteer firefighters?2013-01-24
68What are the qualifications for becoming a rescue worker?2013-01-24
69Could drivers who give way to fire engines or ambulances request the Fire Department to provide information on duty or dispatch in order to cancel any relevant traffic fines?2013-01-24
70What are the things to note to avoid being attacked by bees?2013-01-24
71What are the things to note for mountain climbing?2013-01-24
72What are the 5 main response rules when a mountaineering disaster occurs?2013-01-24
73What is a “Fire Fighting Passage”?2013-01-24
74Where to search for fire fighting passage and hard-to-reach areas?2013-01-24
75Can we request roads which do not satisfy the criteria for fire fighting passage, to be designated as fire fighting passage or red line for no parking?2013-01-24
76What are the parking restrictions in a double red line fire fighting passage?2013-01-24
77How to carry out rescue if the lane is too narrow for the fire engine to enter?2013-01-24
78Which city government agency to notify for injured or trapped cats or dogs that require rescue?2013-01-24
79What is the fine for deliberately causing damage to a hydrant?2013-01-24
80What is the fine for parking temporarily in front of a hydrant?2013-01-24